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Capm 1 “ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU WEAK PHYSICALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY SHOULD BE REJECTED AS POISON” Need of the hour is to censor music lyrics which glorify violence, cursing, racisms, sex, drugs which are acting as poison for the modern day generation. Kids of this generation are already getting ideas from such lyrics, and committing the acts that the artists are singing, around age 13 and 14. Kids in next many years to come will be doing it at possibly even a younger age than they are now. Sri Hemkunt Education Society is organized camps in various schools for raising awareness amongst the youth to become mentally and bodily healthy, socially productive by organizing various Informational & Awareness Programs by involving youth in community campaigns and training them to be speakers to develop peer to peer education. A BRAVE, FRANK, CLEAN HEARTED, COURAGEOUS, AND ASPIRING YOUTH IS THE ONLY FOUNDATION ON WHICH THE FUTURE NATION CAN BE BUILT.
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Organization experienced the daunting condition of rural women during the livelihood and leadership development meetings. The common health problems include RTI and UTI leading to other major health problems. The other face of rural women is the pale malnourished individual serving whole day for the family and at the end of the day she hardly gets any nutritious meal. The intergenerational cycle of malnutrition also fetch the next generation into it. Reproductive and child health issues are focused during the adolescent and newlywed females in the rural areas with adding importance of birth spacing into the program.
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The society feels honored to mention that one of our students Parampreet Kaur qualified to perform at International Asian Yoga Championship held at Thailand and bagged first position. Second time, she went to Bankok, she was given a concession of 75% in school fee. She was also provided monetary help of Rs. 5000/- to assist her in bearing the expenses of the trip. Children who qualify for state level competitions are given free yoga & martial art coaching. The students who qualify for National level are given a concession in school fee too.
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Various health awareness programmes and camps are a regular feature. Recently a Cancer Awareness camp was organized and also a donation of 15000/- was given to an NGO for cancer Patients. Medical teams visit regularly to create awareness against epidemics like cholera, dengue, malaria etc.
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100 - 120 students are given extra coachings to assist in imparting free education to the deserving, economically backward, desirous and motivated students irrespective of cast, creed, religion etc. The sole purpose of this program is to provide quality education to economically weaker section of society and to prepare the students for various competitions by developing their personality.
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Students from economically weaker section of society are taught yoga, POP moulding, candle making, cooking without fire, personality development, glass painting etc. free of cost during summer vacation. The idea behind this is to create competitive mind in students and to make them self confident, develop rational personality to compete for various examinations in various walks of life.
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One culture program annually is our specialty. Functions are held in which the society ensures 100% participation of students irrespective of caste, creed & sex. The items, always being thematic convey a message for society. Themes like female foeticide, how to save water, save trees, environment and to preserve the rich, social and cultural heritage, secular tradition of India.
Capm 8


A Community Library has been set up for the students. There are 1200 books in the library. Newspapers in English and Hindi as well as magazines on health, computers, sports, general knowledge, etc., are provided to help the weaker section of the society to stay connected with the outside world and also to encourage the habit of reading. News related to inventions or research work, science and technology as well as other related information is also provided.

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