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edurays Nursery schools are the core of basic education as they lay the foundation of a child's academic life, In today's competitive world, nursery schools are gaining increasing importance. The first six years play a very crucial role in the development of a child. It is ultimately the teacher who hones the intellect of the child and thus brings about the desired growth and development in the child. Therefore, the need for a skilled/trained pre-school teacher who has undertaken nursery teacher training arises. One requires to accomplish a course in nursery teacher training to pursue a career as an effective pre-school teacher.
Our Mission is to bring a dynamic change in nursery school education, as we believe that young children at nursery school level, if guided and nurtured in the right manner today, will prove to be an instrument in bringing about revolutionary changes in the society tomorrow. Through our nursery teacher training courses, we are on a path to realize the dream of catering education and providing the right way to young minds throughout the world.
About the Course:
A nursery teacher is supposed to have all-round knowledge about the principles of child growth and development, child care and management, child health and nutrition as proposed by our Nursery Teacher Training Course. She should also be well-versed with the essential practical aspects of teaching like creativity development, play activities to be done with children, story-telling, rhyme-reciting, lesson-planning etc. The Nursery Teacher Training Course presented by us has been designed to impart such knowledge and develop these abilities/skills in our trainees who have undergone Nursery Teacher Training program conducted in India and overseas, so that they can become the Model Teachers.
Career prospects:
Nursery Teacher Training Course is a pre-requisite to become teachers, supervisors, curriculum planners, course co-coordinators, child-care takers in nursery schools. You can also start and manage your own nursery school/play school/pre-school, creche/day-care centre/nursery hobby class, Already working teachers from various Institutions are also joining this course these days as it has become an essential requirement for promotions and increments. Some parents do this Nursery Teacher Training course to effectively take care of their child.
  • 100% Job-oriented certificate
  • Placement Assistance
  • Well designed Course curriculum and Syllabus
  • Experienced and Certified Trainers
  • Practical based Training
  • Well-equipped infrastructure
  • No age limit
  • Reasonable fees with installment facilities
  • Periodical Assessment
  • Flexible options to pursue the course as per your convenience
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution for Quality Management System
  • Accredited to IAO, International Accreditation Organization, Houston, USA for acceptance around the Globe

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